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ISPM-15 (Export) Wood Treatment


Since 2005 we have a number of drying/treatment rooms. By means of heat treatment we can make the wood suitable for export to other continents. Wooden packaging that is exported abroad must meet the requirements of ISPM-15. For the delivery of treated pallets, boxes and other materials, we are affiliated with de Foundation Marking Wooden Packaging (SMHV), under registration number NL-098. When the wood is provided with an ISPM 15 mark, it is suitable for shipping all over the world. The ISPM-15 standards describe the treatment methods with which the wood must be treated to ensure that no harmful organisms are present in the wood. The wood is certified after treatment and after it is imprinted with the ISPM-15 logo as well as the country of origin. Certified pallets that are repaired must be treated again after repair.


NL =     ISO country code Netherlands;
089 =     unique company registration number;
HT=    applied treatment: heat treatment


ISPM-15 treatments of pallets, boxes and other materials may only be done by certified companies under their own management. Due to the strict regulations, it is advisable to handle products that are used for export. In connection with the responsibility for the living environment, you are obliged to carry out your products by a certified practitioner. You can fall back on this in case of questions and calamities. It often happens that products with ISPM-15 treatment are resold by a non-ISPM-15 certified supplier (local trade). This party cannot be held responsible in the event of calamities. In addition, we see a proliferation of false ISPM-15 certificates in the market, which is prohibited and does not offer you any security. Our advice is to purchase your ISPM-15 products directly from a certified practitioner. This prevents potential infections and proliferation of false ISPM-15 certificates.

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